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Mindfulness Techniques to Combat Writer’s Block

We’ve all been there. That moment when the mojo just seems to slip away. When we stare at our word document with thoughts rattling in our skull. WTF? Where did it go? Even the thought of plucking away at our keyboard seems futile. Can’t think, can’t eat, can’t do a thing about the next great novel that had once contained so much brilliance you were sure this is the one. The one to break open that container of indie author to artistic brilliance. Now you’re spending hours, possibly days just staring, your thoughts dripping with frustration. What’s an author...

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PD Alleva Interviewing Erin Crocker (Authors Feat. Authors)

by PD Alleva What is something on your bucket list you have accomplished? Want to accomplish? I haven’t forgotten to change out of flip flops to go to the gym in over a month, now. In the future, I’d like to own workout clothing with no holes worn into them. What is something readers may be surprised to learn about you? I don’t like argyle patterns. Do you listen to music when you’re writing? Yes, I listen to my rock n’ roll records backwards so I get satanic messages to put in my books, subliminally, of course. Are your...

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Authors Feat. Authors: PD Alleva Interviewing A.S. McGowan

1. Would you, could you…Lead a Human uprising against an alien threat? It depends. I mean what are the alien’s threatening? Are they here to destroy the human race? Then yes I could. Are they here threatening to turn us into sex slaves? Um no why would I want to resist a hot sexy alien. 2. Would you…ever write an erotica novel. Could you….make it hot and steamy? Sorry I don’t write erotica. In face  I am branded as the closed door author, so no sex scenes in any of my work. Now I might get my characters about to bonk...

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Interviewing Reiter

Beyond the Outer Rim – a Science-Fantasy series coming from the mind of Reiter, one of the Planner/Recorders of Th’iaM. I, G. Russell Gaynor, have been asked to interview this author… to see if we can get into the workings behind this epic tale. PERSONAL NOTE: This is incredibly interesting for me. Reiter is my pen-name. In short, everyone, welcome to my nightmare! G: Reiter. Can I call you Reiter? R: I do not know. Can you? G: Sorry, may I call you Reiter? R: Perhaps you should. It is, after all, my name. G: Did I miss anything in the opening paragraph?...

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